Conservative dentistry

Conservative dentistry

Dental caries is a degenerative and irreversible disease of the hard tissues of the tooth; namely, the enamel, which is the resistant outermost layer, and the dentine, which is the tissue that makes up most of the tooth, both in the visible part (crown) and the root.

Tooth decay is caused by microorganisms present in the mouth – mainly those that stick to the surface of the tooth in the form of bacterial plaque.This is why oral hygiene is important, both on the part of the patient and with periodic visits to a dental hygienist.

The bacteria present in plaque are therefore able to break down the tooth tissue, thus creating cavities.

Conservative dentistry treats the parts of the tooth affected by decay processes and treatment involves the removal of the infected tissue and replacement with an adhesive biomaterial.There are various materials available for dental restoration.

In recent years, however, adhesive compositesare the ones used almost exclusively, as silver amalgam, which was used for many years with excellent results, has come under fire because of the large amount of mercury it contains. However, the WHO (World Health Organisation) currently confirms that amalgam is a safe and viable choice for the treatment of caries.